Interview with Pat Powers – December 2017

1.) In 1979 you finished runner up to UCLA in the men’s NCAA volleyball championship. The next year, you and teammates Tim Hovland, Dusty Dvorak, and Steve Timmonswent on to win it all! What can you tell us about that 1980 championship team and your rivalry with UCLA?

A:  We had a pretty good team.  I think there was too much talent on our side of the net to lose.  Hovland blocked Peter Ehrman in the face and almost broke his nose.  That almost ended it right there.

2.) 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles = GOLD MEDAL! What were some of your best memories from those Olympic Games?

A:  It was fun.  Probably more fun to win the World Cup and World Championship.

3.) From 1984-1986 you were considered to be the best outside hitter in the world. In particular, you were revered for your ability to hit the high ball outside. What made you such a phenomenal outside hitter?

A:  Great vision is one of the keys to hitting well.  Every approach to the ball I took was to hit over the block–very tough.  I then would watch the block and hit angle or line.  Back then I was pretty physical:  I could touch 11’5”.  Now the liberos touch that…

4.) After winning the 1987 Jose Cuervo event in Clearwater, Florida with Jon Stevenson; you two went on to have the best year of your careers on the AVP tour in 1988, winning about a 1/3 of the events. What do you recall about playing with Johnny the Steve?

A:  Johnny was a great defender.  Good person.  I miss him.

5.) You’ve had an incredible career, winning an NCAA title, a gold medal, world championships (both indoor as well as on the beach), along with multiple wins on the AVP tour. Looking back, which 3 are you most proud of and why?

A:  NORCECA tournament we won in Dominican Republic in 1985 without a setter.  Dvorak’s mom passed away and Stork broke down due to heat exhaustion.  All Beach wins and the World Championship over in Paris.

6.) There have been multiple controversial rule changes to the sport over the last decade and a half. What are your thoughts on the state of the game today?

A:   I like it.  We need to test more rules and see what happens.  The players are so physical now.  Things that give the defense an advantage are the best.

7.) What are you up to these days?

A:   Volleyball camps:   WWW.VBCLINICS.COM

Spearfishing.  Raising two daughters with my wife.  Had to quit gold due to arthritis in my hand.  Live on a ranch just north of San Diego…