GODS TO GHOSTS is a website created by Brookfield, Wisconsin native Scott Boehmke in April of 2019. It is dedicated to preserving the soulful history of beach volleyball and the legendary players and figures that built, played, and left their indelible mark on the sport. Battling one another for hours on end in the hot California sun, deep sand, and no money to be had, players competed for the sheer love of the game, bragging rights, and inclusion in the pantheon of beach volleyball.

With little to no media coverage of any sort during the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, it’s GODS TO GHOST’S mission to provide a medium in which the historical volleyball players and figures from those early decades can be acknowledged and remembered for their transcendent talent, colorful personalities, and countless contributions to the game.

Before they became GHOSTS of the sport’s past, Manny Saenz, Bernie Holtzman, Gene Selznick, Jean Brunicardi, Johnette Latreille, Mike O’Hara, Mike Bright, Ron Lang, Ron Von Hagen, Larry Rundle, Henry Bergman, Kathy Gregory, Nina Matthies, Jim Menges, Greg Lee, Tom Chamales, Matt Gage, and a select few others earned their rightful places in history to forever be known as VOLLEYBALL GODS…

*A special THANK YOU to photographers Kevin Goff, Bob Van Wagner, Robi Hutas, and Bruce Hazelton, whose iconic photographs captured the pure essence and beauty of that golden era of beach volleyball.

** Thank you as well to Lance “LLee93” Lee, whose Old School Volleyball group on Facebook played a BIG part in inspiring the creation of this website.